Church Accounting

Church Accounting

Church Accounting | Accounting Link USA - Miami, FL

Church power accounting (CPA) is a service offered by Accounting Link USA designed specifically for churches and non-profits.

Accounting Links USA knows that many of the accounting and bookkeeping positions within today’s churches are often times filled by under-qualified people. It’s not good stewardship of the church’s resources! Through CPA, Accounting Link USA seeks to provide churches with professional accounting and bookkeeping services in such a manner that it saves them money and time and gives them peace of mind.

According to the American Bar Association, in today’s litigious society, the average Pastor has a 67% chance of having a legal problem within the next 12 months. Accounting Link USA will eliminate that worry! Accounting Link USA is not in the software business; they are in the service business, and Church Power Accounting was designed with churches of all sizes in mind. They provide all the necessary software, hardware, and staff to take care of all of your accounting and bookkeeping needs.

With Accounting Link USA, you’ll get:

• Daily bookkeeping
• Accounts payable
• Accounts receivable (tithes and contributions)
• Payroll
• Payroll tax filing
• Bank statement reconciliation
• Virtual file cabinet
• Tax exempt compliance review


Free management software (if needed)
Free training for MM software
Free unlimited access to full leadership program
• CPA’s Church Fund Raising Partnership Program

Accounting Link USA does the work, they do it right, they do it daily, and they save you time and money while giving you peace of mind. Why wouldn’t you want to use Accounting Links USA?

As providers of Church Power Accounting, they are dedicated to providing a service, utilizing cutting-edge technology that will allow your church to operate more effectively and efficiently.

Since one of their specialties is that of Non-Profit and Church Accounting, they take many hours of Continuing Education each year to stay on top of any new changes that would affect their Non-Profit and Church clients. This is very important, as there are many things that are specific to Non-Profits and Churches, that the average CPA, Accountant, or Bookkeeper would not necessarily be aware of. We ensure that we are aware of any and all changes.